Report Date: 09/25/2016

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Beanee Sebastiani

Name:Beanee Sebastiani
AKC #:NP396062/05 10-16 Breed/Variety:Bulldog
Birth Date:03/29/2015 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Fawn & White Piebald
Breeder(s):Jessica Price

Beanee Sebastiani
NP396062/05 10-16
Fawn & White Piebald
Boss Hog Handy
NP218373/05 05-15
Brindle & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V755244
CH Cedar Lane Major League's Rbi
NP072217/01 01-06
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V426642
CH Newcomb's Valiant Jerry
NM852273/02 09-01
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V156445
CH Vincent-Zullo's Just Jake
NM623151/01 06-96
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #P31079
CH Vincent's Bo Didley
NM473693/04 06-94
Red & White
Riley's Little Pot O' Honey
NM312403/03 11-95
Fawn & White Black Mask
K-Sand's Red Hot Salsa
NM781811/04 04-00
Red & White Black Mask
Cobb's Happy Cavalier
NM657132/01 11-97
White Brindle Markings
AKC DNA #V72161
Shady Sadie She's A Lady
NM674359/03 09-98
Red Black Mask, White Markings
Major League Annie Ann
NP004697/01 12-04
CH Little Ponds Leroy
NM627305/03 05-97
Fawn Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V30332
CH Millcoats Titus
NT428372 10-89
Red Brindle & White
CH Little Ponds Splash
NM436979/01 03-95
Red & White Piebald
McDermott's Awesome Blossom
NM867256/01 07-02
Fawn & White
CH Little Ponds Chief
NM587929/05 07-96
Red & White Piebald
OFA60F AKC DNA #V22083
CH McDermott's Sandy Of Vincent
NM801929/01 08-00
Fawn White Markings
Miss Pebbles Hall
NP120719/07 04-09
Red Brindle & White
Wilson's Absolute Tank
NP042388/04 05-06
Red Brindle & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V436650
CH Aguirre's The Royal Treatment
NM942585/02 02-04
Red & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V269311
The Hopi's Prins Nazeem
NM929524/01 11-02 (Netherlands)
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V262687
CH Aguirre's Great Balls A Fire
NM839530/01 10-01
Red Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V144882
Wilson's Dandy Aisling
NM902277/02 02-04
Red Brindle & White
CH Scrufee
NM797543/02 07-01
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V151780
Wilson Poboy Lil Harley
NM802834/01 07-01
Red Brindle & White
Muirhead's Roly Poly Chloe
NP061937/05 05-06
Fawn & White
Kerbys Diamond Jim
NM900645/01 11-02
Red Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V303595
Poboys Boomer
NM827328/01 07-01
Fawn Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V170073
Poboys Color Me Happy
NM839075/01 07-01
White Brindle Markings
Sweet - Sassy K D
NM913509/01 09-04
Red Brindle & White
Handsome Sir Frederick
NM802446/06 05-01
Brindle & White Black Mask
Sweet Black-Eyed Pea
NM819096/04 05-01
Brindle & White Piebald
Ingram's Molly
NP321479/06 09-14
Fawn & White White Markings
Lil Rascal Big Boy Sampson
NP221179/03 10-12
Brindle Brindle Markings
Bullyblessings Lil Rascal "Spanky"
NP190096/02 05-09
Fawn & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V558202
Dowats Show Stopper
NP052136/03 10-06
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V444671
CH Dowats Damn Strait
NM936235/01 04-04
Fawn & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V349342
Sabos Dowats Thelma Lou
NM916189/05 05-04
White Brindle Markings
Dowats Sidney
NP066096/01 08-06
Fawn & White
CH Dowats The Impersonator
NM935594/05 03-04
White Piebald
AKC DNA #V302958
Dowats Baby Toes
NP016520/03 10-04
Red & White
Little Ladie "Sadie"
NP154388/08 04-08
Brindle & White Brindle Markings
Baldwins Sir Septic Tank
NP052968/01 04-07
Red Brindle & White Brindle Markings
Lewis' Union Gentleman
NM900574/01 06-02
White Piebald
AKC DNA #V251489
Lewis' Bull's Eye Babeee
NM898843/06 03-03
Red Brindle White Markings
Hidie Silent Thunder
NP099695/03 04-07
Brindle & White
Succis Lil Man
NP022444/05 07-04
Fawn Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V334346
Succi's Scoober
NP017675/01 10-05
Brindle & White Black Mask
Liiile Bit Of Fun
NP272205/04 10-12
Red Brindle & White Brindle Markings
Chubby Checkers III
NP218625/02 01-11
White Brindle Markings
Newcomb's Fats Domino
NP153792/01 02-08
AKC DNA #V526252
CH Dowats The Contender
NP110485/02 04-07
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V436607
CH Newcomb's Belle Of Romance
NP030190/02 04-06
White Brindle Markings
Fatpups Bouncing Boots
NP146188/01 09-08
White Fawn Markings
CH Doowop's Mr Earl
NM833162/05 05-02
White Red Markings
AKC DNA #V218338
Moreland's Preacher Woman
NP086610/08 09-06
Red & White Piebald
Pushpuss Arabella Monica Diva Doll
NP230087/01 01-11
Fawn & White
CH Pushpuss Sir Charles Henry
NM928585/01 07-03
Red & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V298810
CH Hobtop Picalo
NM820909/01 11-99 (United Kingdom)
Red & White
AKC DNA #V41035
Pushpuss Miz Honey Rose
NM818548/02 04-01
Red & White Black Mask
The Princess Clarabella ''Clarita''
NP182699/03 08-09
Maximo Poboys "Max" Marios
NP139975/03 02-08
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V581869
Cindy Crawford
NP086383/03 11-06
Fawn Brindle & White

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